Welcome to Freedom Mental Health Associates - Dr. Donna Carmosky MD

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I have been practicing psychiatry for over 20 years. My practice is limited to medication management for psychiatric disorders including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and OCD. I use medications judiciously and do not attempt to use medication to treat issues that are better addressed with therapy or other non-medication interventions. For example, I prefer not to treat anxiety with addictive controlled substances. I offer genetic testing to assist in selecting medications that will work best for you.

Before establishing a doctor-patient relationship, we will have a one hour consultation to formulate diagnosis and a treatment plan. We can then determine if I can be helpful to you with medication management and whether you find us to be a good match.

Medication is only a part of treatment. Lifestyle is also important. You will not feel your best without adequate sleep, proper nutrition, balanced life, and avoidance of substances that can produce or worsen the very symptoms you want to treat. In addition to medication, referral to a therapist may be necessary.

I see patients for the purpose of treatment only and do not perform evaluations for other purposes. I do not perform evaluations for legal, employment, or disability issues.